Bones & Wire is, at its heart, a small project studio, but it's also a few more things.

It’s the umbrella under which I approach most creative studio projects: writing and recording music; engineering sessions; mixing demos; producing albums; Pro Tools editing; Ableton Live programming; recording live music; video editing; voiceover production. (This list tends to grow over time.)

It’s also the title of an album I began a few years ago; hopefully the first of several volumes of recorded music inspired by the interactions between and compositions of talented musicians I’ve met over the years.

A few things it’s not: a band; a record label; a typical recording studio; a publishing company; extremely profitable.

A few things it is: mobile; versatile; very, very interested in working on off-kilter, unique, and inspired music.

If you’re reading this page and have questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

I’ve been playing music professionally for almost twenty years and recording music in some capacity for almost as long. Owning a traditional recording studio has never appealed to me, but at some point I invested enough money and time into recording gear and techniques to consider taking it a little more seriously. And so Bones & Wire was born.

I get asked about the name a bunch, and though I wish it had a spooky backstory involving ghosts, the silly truth is it was inspired by my singing of an improvised version of this tune to my then two-year-old son while plugging in a rack of recording gear.