Against my better judgement, I've been posting on Instagram lately (@bonesandwire) and it's been pretty fun, although there are some limitations. The spark for this video was two-fold: one, I wanted an instrumental to record long, languid drum sounds over; two, a video that fit and loops within Instagram’s one-minute time limit. It was a fun experiment, and I love the idea of a tune that says everything it needs to in under 60 seconds.

As far as languid drum sounds…I ended up programming a 606 and playing piano on my Ableton Push, and now it's this instead.

– programming, sound design, piano


What we have here are two distinct governing styles by strong women. Personally, I think “count the number of her legs and you will see that she is not an insect” would be a totally boss campaign slogan for Elizabeth Warren, even if she didn't eventually paralyze, then consume, her competition.

– Ableton clips, Mellotron, drums


The PSAs of the 70s remind me—sometimes—of the Instagrams of today. This one in particular rang a bell or two and so I thought it'd be appropriate to create a soundtrack.

– Ableton clips, drums