Sometimes, when listening critically to music—say, in a recording studio or at an intimate concert—everything that’s good passes by without notice while the errors bring everything to an emotionally grinding halt. Reacting to what’s wrong versus what’s right is something I try to avoid, musically and elsewhere, but it’s no surprise it can be reflective of life in general. And here we are, trying to keep our musical life afloat while the world grinds to a halt around us, an already tenuous economy pushing through the gauntlet of a viral pandemic.

“Bones & Wire,” to me, other than a DBA for my business checks, has always been about the concept of making music to satisfy yourself emotionally. While I do have a studio, of sorts, and I do recording projects from time to time, the bulk of my time has been experimenting with recording and performing techniques—basically having fun while my income trickles in from my profession as a sideman. That said: hello, strange times!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be uploading music I’ve worked on and am working on—Music For Pandemics, perhaps, apologies to Brian Eno and Gabriel Márquez, I suppose—and attempting to put a little bit of a creative streak to work. I’ve generally avoided email/remote sessions as I can’t stand the workflow, but I’ll be opening the virtual door to those as well.

Please get in touch if you want to work together under slightly surreal circumstances, or just need to say hi.